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Don't look at our menu if you're hungry, it's just going to make it worse.  But seriously, if you're going for one of our signature potatoes, you better bring your whole appetite.  Or borrow extra from a friend.
Whether you like to let out your inner primate on the dance floor, or hang back and stomp your feet to the beat, Ben Rice as you covered every Tuesday night from 8pm to midnight with quality, local, live music.
It's our goal to have the best Happy Hour in Gresham.  Every day from 3-6 we have food specials, custom drink specials, as well as discounts on well drinks and all beers on tap, including pints, pitchers, and mugs.
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Have questions?  Need to place an order? Click the buttons below!  But if you want to tell us about what your best friend Lisa got herself into this time, come in and cozy up to the bar, so we can all have a good chuckle.

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About Us
​​Spud Monkey's was born in December, 2011, to a highly stressed out loving couple, Burke and Melissa. Having no previous restaurant or bar experience, we're excited to say that we are doing this one hundred percent right all of the time, and have never had a customer complaint, ever we have somehow managed to make it this far, and are always looking to find ways to make it better. We are real people that live right here in Gresham, just like you.

Our focus is to make Spud Monkey's a fun place to work, a great place to eat, and a comfortable place to sit and have a drink. All the things we'd want for ourselves. Stop by and say hello, we're seen a lot on both sides of the counter.​  Is that guy photo-bombing us?
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Your feedback is important to us, and we know that it can help us improve.  Complaints, praises, comments, or whatever else is on your mind. This goes straight to our personal email and we read and respond to them all.